Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sotry 1: PCP

The name of each story is decided after I am finished writing.

"Why! Oh God Why?"
He stood up to run but all he could do was stumble and fall.
He grabbed the counter to help raise himself up. The floor was sticky from dried blood. The smell of her body filled the room. It was to much for him to take. His hand lost the counter and he fell back down. His head hit the floor and caused him to start crying.

He couldn't take all of this. He had only known her for a short time. He thought she was a lovely girl. She had even kissed him once.
"Why did t-this happen to me?" he whispered to himself through the tears.

He slowly crawled to the doorway into the living room. Her father was sitting on the love seat. He was holding a rusted hacksaw caked in blood.
He saw her fathers shoes and wet himself. He was shivering and crying.

Her father rose from the love seat and started walking toward the kid. The kid tried to scurry away but he stopped him with a quick kid to the gut.
"Where do you think you are going? The fun has only begun."
The kid screamed but was swiftly stifled with an even harder kick, this time to the mouth. The kids mouth was bleeding and missing 4 teeth.
Her father picked him up by the arm and drug him to the kitchen.

The father looked down at the kid and screamed you aren't going any where you pig. Her father oinked at him, mocking him. Her father walked over to what he thought was the sink. It was the microwave. He picked up his daughters severed head and proclaimed, "Time to get rid of the evidence!"
He stuck her head into the microwave and closed it, he turned it on for 5 minutes.

The kid was still crying and bleeding. He started to get dizzy from the blood loss. The father looked down at him and said to him in a cracking voice "I'm going to fry you up into some bacon, piggy!"

The father saw the thousands of tiny planes outside ready to take him away. He looked down and became confused when his feet were on his shins. At this point he knew the effects of PCP had not worn off.

-Wrote but not read by The Reckoner

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